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01 August 2005

I would right more write now but...

...I think I'm coming down with mild typonitis or something from typing so much today, gosh. HOURS and HOURS. Yes, heading out of town for two weeks here coming up on Wednesday so am getting some (albeit not 'all' but under the sub-category 'most dire') of my pressing work things done so I don't go to Hell before, during, or after my stint away. I mean, sure, I could've done some things earlier but let's face it, who uses time wisely? It's not like I've been piddling my time eating bon bons. There's just too much other stuff to do, although the apartment cleaning isn't showing at ALL; besides, it's summertime. It's all about balance and getting out in the sunshine because months of dank winter will be here soon enough.

Actually, no I will write a little something: some day I'm gonna report about how much people in this part of Most Interesting Pennsylvania have no clue about how to react to a woman with nordic walking poles.

OK, by no clue I mean I'd a guessed no one would notice. But apparently I'm somewhat of a sight. I am actually thinking of interviewing some of the townie weirdos who ride on specific bus lines and who no one likes to get stymied into conversation with, in order to learn more on training to become a local 'oddity'. You KNOW who I mean, they are the types you would never say you ignore but you totally try to.

I really should start noting comments. I mean because when it (nordic walking) gets all trendy and becomes the total shiznit, I have proof that I have been so very cutting edge all along. A super cheap sport with maximum exercise return and no boring-ass stinky gym required. Plus fresh air. DUH.

So I've ventured out in actual daylight hours (it had been too hot to go any time but night lately) and have heard comments ranging from the precious ('there's no snow you fat bitch!' [high school hooligan or perhaps loser undergrad] to the curious 'say there, are those, so are those, what? Must get some good arm exercise there' [friendly senior citizen type] to the Abercrombie 'n Fitch 'no, nothing...nothing' ((keeps driving away in car)) [college boy in car or perhaps same high school hooligan, this time in the day]

Yes, folk of the towne, I DO realize there is no snow. Have you picked up on the detail that there are no skis on my feet? It is July, for the love of pete. Or August. Or whatever summer month we're on now. What are you doing about getting off your rear and getting exercise?? I thought so.

Ah, it's fun being a geek! By the way, if I did have skis on my feet in July, that might get me more of an 'in' with aforementioned bus peoples.

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