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25 November 2006

Happy (Belated) Turkey Day!

Wednesday: partial food prep, visiting, cleaning, anticipating...

Thursday: guests arrive from both coasts, coffee, light lunch, chopping, stirring, coffee, music, snacks, this 'n that, coffee, manhattans, BIG MEAL, pies, only the strong survive for more cocktails at bar in town, talking, listening, bed at 2:30...

Friday: I'll pretend I don't need an Advil, lingering breakfast, massages, body wraps, hot tub, cafe, leftover heatup, guests, visiting, coffee, lunch, wine, pie, trying to fight off the 'trip-to-Japan' from the turkey, Borat, late night nibbles, Christmas music...

Saturday: online shopping for matresses (?), packing, parting, gorgeous fall day, leisurely detour through Big Valley, Amish courting buggy sighting, Amish store, large farm lunch, Christmas knick-knacks and dry goods at Peachy's, arriving at Harrisburg airport way on time, more visiting, parting, loving that the holiday was so damn enjoyable with friends old and new, back home, clean kitchen, fridge still full, still have tomorrow to ease back Most Excellent Thanksgiving ever with an abundance to be thankful for.

Visual artifacts:
Ginapalooza and Lisaopolis prong the turkey for a lively round of "Out of Oven And Onto the Serving Platter".

Not only is Ginapalooza an astute horsewoman, she also surprised the dinner party with her madd gravy slurry skillz. Kitchen notes: Lisaopolis got a tad vigorous on the Kosher salt turkey prep, so no extra needed in THIS year's gravy, boys and girls (sodium level 105%).