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27 Mai 2005

Calgon, Take Me Away...!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLisboa, Portugal (July 2003): somewhere I'd rather be right now than Most Interesting Penna.

Just off a writing junket. I am the slowest writer in the UNIVERSE.

Argh, I'm having a grad school 'moment'. It's sunny and gorgeous outside and all I can do is think about how sucky my writing is and how I don't feel like giving a crap anymore. And to top it off, I found out that I have two sections of the 'most interesting' class to teach next semester, with one of them being at 9 AM (as usual) with comps and...yack. Yeah, yeah, it could be worse, blah blah but I'm out of steam with more work to do than ever.

Plus I just up and stopped biting my fingernails one day at the end of the semester, it's the weirdest thing. But it's changing my typing and guitar playing lifestyle in ways I never knew were possible.

Send me motivation! Do it! The thought of my aweseome upcoming family reunion next weekend in Balto and then stint to the MotherLand (with week-long Alaska cruise) and then Austra and Slovakia in August isnt' even enough in light of work that is overwhelming me! Sad!