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17 April 2006

Hilfe! I've been memed!

Awww yeah I'm here to hitchya with another meme-athon, which is brightening up my day of being home at sick with no voice, no tastebuds and lots of headachey snot. I was in D.C. this weekend for a family event and haven't shaken The Crap That Has Been Going Around, so home I stay.

This zap comes from Mommymatic, whose recent blog entry photos you really, really must check out because they are freaking cute, and which asks for Six Things You Just Must Know About Me. Here are the first six that come to mind, in no particular order. If your name pops up at the end, you've been memed so please post this info on YOUR blog, of course with your own Six Things. Sans further adooo:

(1) I really can't tolerate ice-water unless it's really hot outside and I'm drinking the water with cubes outside on a very hot day. In fact, once I had people over and couldn't find my Brita filter pitcher thing, only to realize someone had put it in my fridge and it was then I realized how odd it must be that I keep my Brita on the counter for room temp agua.

(2) I have a purple belt in Shotokan karate. Granted it was over fifteen years ago or so, and who knows whether I'm gonna get back to it and pursue the brown belt then the black. I distinctly recall as a child one of our senpai (like a sous-sensei) telling me "You know, Senpai didn't get his black belt til he was 40." Even then I thought that was way cool, before I even was aware that one can conceptualize life in terms of metaphor. At any rate, I bet you didn't know that about me.

(3) I have had the occasional brush with heads of state, as happens when one has International Woman of Mystery traces in one's history, but the most pleasant and personal was with the President of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Ivan Gasparovic. I was on Slovak TV one day, thinking, well, if this is not the ULTIMATE language test, I don't know WHAT the hell is...and if this reporter deviates too much from her script I don't know what what I'm gonna do with cameras rolling live, yee haw! The next day, I was told 'well, now you're ready to meet with the president' which I assumed was a clever yarn and ha ha, isn't that funny and oh wait you're not laughing with me. Good thing I had packed Outfit #4 (sassy dress in a pinch) on this trip, because you just NEVER KNOW what you might need to don in a flash. I went as part of a small delegation from a Slovak language and culture program with Comenius University in Bratislava, so it wasn't just like me 'n Ivo hangin or anything, don't worry. The reception hall at the Presidental Palace was beautiful, the champagne was nice and the chit-chat congeneal. And I don't think he noticed that I was kinda crushin' on his foreign press secretary. So Bush, Jr. and I have been to the same Presidential Palace in Bratislava, but I got there first. HA.

(4) I was a reporter on weekend TV kids show (called "Kidsworld" on KOMO/ABC in Seattle) in third grade and I would die for a copy of the tape today. They re-broadcast our episode years later when I was in like 6th grade and everyone saw it except me--which is totally what you want at that non-awkward age you are in 6th grade. Our story had been on our class' square dancing awesomeness with Mrs. Cowgill, and the whole event was amazingly fun. I felt very special, I got a year's pass to the Seattle Science Center, and I burned a finger on one of the camera lights. ("This is Lisa Hunglee, reporting for Kidsworld, Robinswood Elementary")

(5) I have a glass Coca Cola bottle from every country I have been to but did not manage to get one whilst in Turkey. So if you have one...

(6) I have two younger sisters whom I love very much. I also really like them. I have realized that some people are never quite sure how many siblings I have or who's the oldest you know. Also, the US has 50 states, not 49 or 51, as many of my European pals seem to think. Canada is not a state, people, neither is Puerto Rico.

Here you are, you've been memed, sistahs and brothas!

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