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06 August 2006

DC in DC

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It's just so convenient when one of your favorite bands happens to be playing in a city you have to be in for other purposes. Remind me to post some time further details about the Dixie Chicks concert in DC on Friday night, complete with 'a few...' (Malfeasance, 2005) drinkies before the show at the "Drinx" bar in the arena: that's what the opening act guy gets for being boring. And enter our New Bar Friends, including We Got Free Box Tickets So Here We Are, and the gals we met during the show, whom I will refer to as Young Mommies Gone Wild. Some new folks we met do not get such endearing nicknames, for example, Grumpy McGrumpsalot and his wife, the "F.B.", who got so mad at (a) us for dancing and singing throughout the Chicks' show and (b) who didn't share my Schadenfreude at how, after we moved to the seats behind us in gesture of goodwill to dance elsewhere, in saunter the Young Mommies Gone Wild into our original seats--where they dance and sing waaay more loudly than we--thus driving Grumps to grab F.B.'s arm, yank her away and declare to the joyful dancer/singers, "YOU ARE RUINING THE SHOW FOR US!". He even tried to get the ushers involved but hats off to them, as they were having no part of it.

Um, I'm sorry, I signed up for the Dixie Chicks show, not the DC Chamber Orchestra. Whatevs. While it would have been TOE-dully rock star to get kicked out of a Dixie Chicks show, I am glad we stood our fan-dom ground. God forbid you sing and dance at a such a show, because, you know it's really only one step up from a silent prayer circle type event. Gosh. Oh, does my sarcasm offend you? Let me call you a whaaaamulance.

OK and by the way the show was excellent even though the girls seemed a teensy bit tired at the start, but then I realized, hell, I would be too if I were in my mid-30s and the mother of at least 2 small children and then be expected to go out and rock the house every night. In heels. They played about two hours, chit chat was minimal, they played much material from their new album and many older standards, which was the perfect combination. And yeah you can hear it on their albums but let me stress, besides being stellar musicians, all three can SING. Dayum. Oh, also, I am not afraid to admit I was crushin' on Emily Robeson's HAIR, which was all kinds of fabulous, all night. Banjo-rific!

Post concert shenannigans really kicked in to high gear back at Drinx, because this time the bartender knew us (I mean: our bourbon weaknesses. Why oh why does this have to be our family drink??). Long story short, and keep in mind I'm in a sparkly black cowboy hat, the night continued with shots and shout outs and memorable quotes from the Mommies, par example:
(a) looking deeply and seriously into Ginapalooza's eyes: "You know...up until two months ago I was...(dramatic pause, Ginapalooolooo entranced in concern)...I was...a blonde."
(b) "So, do you guys...PARty?" (gestures pointing to side of nose)...
(c ) "'s INTERMISSION, the concert's going really great, she's in the bathroom. You want me to have her call you when the concert's over? Sure, I can do that..." (Mommy A on Mommy B's cell phone, talking to Mommy B's husband, at least an hour and a half AFTER the concert had ended, from the bar...I believe we did bow down to Mommy A here, praising her sheer quick thinking skills and simple briliance in this situation).

...ending with the two of them trying to concoct a Lisaopolis Sandwich later on the way to Coyote Ugly--hi, awkward much?-- right before the incident where, as much as G tried to defend the Mommies' not-lucid state in front of the bouncer who would not grant them entry to the club, the formerly blonde Mommy just up and...fell ass-over-teakettle at the bouncer's feet--to which the other Mommy responded in fully slurred talkin', "Here, I'll handle this" (marching over to the other bouncers in charge). We thought she was gonna do something inappropriate to the bouncers, right there on the street! Gosh!

I certainly hope the Mommies got home alright and if they are reading this, remember that what happens at Drinx stays at Drinx (and/or my blog), and I do hope your Saturdays were productive. I know I got a lot of (thinking about work but not really doing it) done. But really, thank god we landed that Advil sponsorship the next morning and went swimming at the "Y" to get our heart cirulation going again.

Here is a little recap, which I am calling "antes...

...y despues":

Among other things the next day we also got family manicures and pedicures. The affordable luxury. And hat's off to our dad, whom we had to remind that "...the first part of 'manicure' is MAN, you know...". Who knows if he'll ever do one again (no, he won't...) but it was a hoot 'n a holler and a great way to observe the local environs to boot.

To the present: Ginapalooza and I leave only this clue as to our current whereabouts:

See also this imgage--or are they merely apparitions?--of G plus Most Infamous 'Alpha Alpha':

That is all for now, more perhaps to follow. Your comments go below!