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28 September 2005

has anyone seen my brain?

Has anyone seen my brain?
I think it´s gone the way of the drain
For I try to write
Yet still in spite
I can´t put my thoughts into a train

(But writing poems in under 10 seconds? As the original Native Creative Rhyme Slime, I have that mastered. That, and let's face it, it is a miracle that after all these years, I still have yet to put a coloring product into my hair. "Baby born with thick black hair exiled for eternity to Life as Blonde!")

See, part of my frontal lobe is just...gone. Please see included Most Interesting Evidence, herewith Exhibit 1. ´You´re just cut out of the picture´you may say. No, I think it´s actually verschwunden, as they say. Where is my brain? Hang on, wait, come to think of it, where's my EYE? Yes, that is the abrased cornea one.

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Please advise. I sure seem to have plenty of time to blog but no time to distill article information for the purposes of formulating my own arguments in writing. Heck, I´d settle for just any old idea, it does not have to be an argument. I am no longer picky.

By the way, I've been listening, I mean really listening to "Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas (I'm into wayward themes today) and dayum, I forget how kickin the intro guitar riff is! Ach, another thing to learn...I say this like I have other riffs down. Oh well, a girl can dream. Rome was not built in a day or, as they say, Roma non fu fatta in un giorno. Why I remember that at this moment is so beyond me.

OK, that and "Hold On" by Wilson Philips? Perhaps the best karaoke/in-car singing song of all. Although I must concur with Ginapalooza that "Gloria" by 80s songstress Laura Brannigan is quite festive.

And lastly, I am quite sure that history will record singer/songwriter/guitarist Brad Paisley as the one who revolutionized the sound of the Telecaster-style guitar in the 21st century. His sound is new, on a guitar style that's been around twanging for years. It's how he puts the guitar through the amps that is just ´genial´. It's too bad I offed my Squier "Rolling Rock" edition Telecaster on Ebay to pay bills, 'cause you know, in case Brad is at Panera or something whilst on tour here later. That's rock 'n roll.

OK, now to bed to rest for "That's school ´n work".