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15 Juli 2006


I can't decide what is worse: this (a) massive humidity and warm rain spells, or (b) air conditioning. You are outside, it's too stuffy. You go inside, and the arctic freeze chamber, er, air conditioning, that everyone has set to minus 87 below in these parts nearly give you a heart attack. The abrupt temp change is NOT natural, I don't care how much east coasters love A/C.
No wonder people get those summer colds.

Not that I want to only state my opinion, er, complain: PA warm summer evenings when it cools down a bit are awesome. But not if the humidity stays. I don't like waking up in a stuffy sweat. Well, not always, anyways...

Very much missing PacNW lakes and rivers and cooling moutain landscapes at any given turn of the head, not to mention boating,