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02 Februar 2006

Live! From State College! It's...

...the First Annual Simul-Blog!

Today's entry is a first time special feature live linkage with the fine folk at Mommymatic, in celebration of our recent Meeting of the Bloggers:

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Click over to her toute suite and visit her blog often, as it is one of the funniest, most heartfelt collection of insights into her and Daddymatic's life during the first year and beyond with D-MAN! And she posts cute pics.

For the above image, go over to the 'matic site so you can enlarge the pic--the way D-Train has his feet crossed is just the cyuuuutest thing of the day! You might have to put on your special ray gun glasses to see behind the book in front his face but suffice it to say he's smiling and laughing at my jokes (always a plus, thank you D-Lish!) And yes, Mommymatic and I are fully aware that we look like perfectly content domestic partners with two dogs and a Subaru in addition to the tyke, so save your jokes, Ginapalooza!

and PS: The last time I saw D-Luxe, he was a few months old, so imagine my surprise when I walked into their home to find this big kid trapsing about, walking here and there, comunicating, showing us what he wanted and getting ready any minute to start throwing words out there. He's so freaking cute! It was wonderful to see them again and I have to say, it's always nice to goober all over the floor with a toddle-er and get to play with his toys, and to chat with a grad school friend who's been here from the get-go.