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18 November 2006

Pay it forward the nice man at the North Atherton Weis supermarket yesterday who gave the cashier his in-store bonus points which, in turn, paid for my Thanksgiving turkey at the register I say: God bless your mother and father! I hope that even though you said you were old and single and wouldn't be needing a turkey that you have a wonderful Turkey Day nonetheless. Gestures like yours make the world better.

So now I'm on the quest to pay it forward, which I will do anonymously and without fanfare...I can't wait!

Share your pay it forward stories HERE by leaving pithy comments. Come on, you KNOW you want to....

PS: And happy countdown to Turkey Day everyone: here in Lisaopolis things are on schedule for the big meal and day, as I anticipate my three fabulous houseguests over for some quality bonding, cooking, relaxing, wine tasting, napping...movies...comfort food and possible shenanigans with other regalers in town. YES! It's Defrosting Phase One, Grocery List Phase Three, and I have WAY too many Amish-and/or Lisaopolis-made pies. The rule is one whole pie per person, right?

Sigh, oh yeah and work stuff...? Cannot. compute. Need. break. Must. Not. Think. About. Academia. For. A few. days...