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21 Juli 2006

cervezas ('survey says')

For lack of more and just because and well, it's ready-made, I present to you, dear reader: another blog questionnaire. Tag, you're it!

And Today's Music Rec is, in no particular order, the following Go-Go's songs, singled out for Kathy Valentine's frickin lickable bass lines: "Turn To You"; "Head Over Heels"; "Vacation"; "We Got The Beat"; "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "This Town". Thank you, Ms. Valentine for your work, for you are, as my friend Wynona says, one of my musical 'she-roes'

And I want some props to how sad it is that I read Kafka and then the Communist Manifesto today at my cafe du saison FOR FUN, as diversion from my exams and teaching--yes, it's true, getting a head start on a civ. course I'm helping teach in the fall and Lawd KNOWS I won't get to it between now and Labor Day. Workers (and Geeks) of the world, unite.

Ah, good old Franzie K. The Czech who was...not really very Czech, now was he? German as a minority language indexing his Jewish heritage versus Czech as a marker of Bohemian nationalism of the time: discuss!

OK, on to the survey. I must preface it with a statement on how quite high-schoolish it seems to me, since going back only three years really aint that much these days, honey.

3 YEARS AGO TODAY (21 July 2003)

How old were you?:
three years younger. 32. Shit fire.

Where did you go to school?
The State Penn

Where did you work?:
Third floor, the "B" building, done with my first year of the PhD, back when I thought it would really take 'only' four years. Boy was I dumb.

Where did you live?:
Club 164

How was your hair style?
Blonde, same as it ever was.

Did you wear glasses?:

Who was your best friend?:

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend:
the guy who was no longer really my boyfriend and it sucked big time.

Who was your celebrity crush?:
Special Agent Fox Mulder (damn that beyotch Scully who had fabulous clothes, a medical degree, AND got to be all 'are they or aren't they' with Muldo!)

Who was your regular-person crush?:
the guy who was the first real distraction since the one who was no more.

How many tattoos did you have?:

How many piercings did you have?:

What car did you drive?
The 1985 Buick Century.

What was your favorite band/group?:
Hm, what was I into three years ago, which guitars was I on? Dixie Chicks?

What was your worst fear?:
Not recovering from a neck injury

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?:

Had you gotten drunk or high yet?:

Had you been to a real party yet?:
What, there are fake parties?

What was your main goal?:
To stew in grad school for a spell?

Had your heart broken?:

Had broken someones heart?:

HA HA HA!!! LETS SEE WHAT YOU ARE NOW !!!!! (21 July 2006)

How old are you?:
Three years older than the above. Doy!

What grade are you in?

Where do you go to school?
Still at PSU

Where do you work?:
Still performing jedi mind tricks in the cubes in the "B" bldg., among other places

Where do you live?:
Still Club 164

Where do you hang out?:
Saints (good coffee), Chumles (good gin tonics), The Corner Room (burgers, enough said), Websters (smelly but for those days when I crave sketchy faux alternative types, it's fab) Herwigs (meat!), home, etc.

Do you have braces?:

Do you wear glasses?:
No, but I'm going to get an eye exam soon since I have vision insurane.

Still talk to any of your old friends?:

Who is your celebrity crush?:
Keith Urban; ficticious tennis star Dana Fairbanks; Zinedine Zidane.

How many tattoos do you now have?:

How many piercings have you had?:

What kind of car do you have?
The 1985 Buick, still only 44K original miles, thank you very much.

What is your favorite singer/group?:
my collection is vast but off the top of my head: Amy Grant, Dolly Parton, Annie Lennox, Terri Clark, Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, so many....

What is your biggest fear?:
breast cancer; redux of pain from said neck injury

Have you smoked a cigarette yet?:
yes, now stop asking, it's a terrible thing to do. Regularly.

Have you been to a real party?
Honey, I AM the real party

What's your main goal:
Get enough sleep and exercise

Has your heart been broken?:
What since the last time? On smaller scales.

Have you broken someones heart?:
Not intentionally!


69 Random Questions

1) Do you have a penis?
No, nor do I have 'balls'

2) Do you pray?

3) Are you in love?

4) Ever wish on stars?
I think so

5) Do you believe in karma.

6) What's your zodiac sign?

7) Have you ever almost died?
Probably (SEE: 'le petit mort')

8) Ever broken any bones?

9) Do you cry during sad movies?
all the time, I'm such a sap that way, I am not afraid to admit iit.

10) Do you like to dance?

11) Ever laid under the stars?
why did I want to insert 'gotten' there? yes, stars, yes, I'm all about open sky

12) Ever sat on a rooftop?
yes, have you?

13) Is there such thing as a soul mate?

14) Could you live without the television?
short term only

15) Could you live without music?

16) Do you have any self-inflicted scars?

17) What do you dislike the most about life?
that post-modern and/or retro-futuristic thinking has prompted analysis of EVERYTHING. Some days I'd rather be a peasant delivering babies in the mud, not knowing that I can even think about things like whether or not I am happy, etc.

18) Have you ever been to jail?

19) Ever had a job for less than a day?

20) Ever been fired on your first day?

21) Ever been fired because of your attitude?
no, but I did have to write an apology note to our 8th grade choir teacher at my Catholic girls' middle school because I was 'being fresh' and all coppin' a 'tude with her.

22) Do you get jealous of other people?
I'd say more 'envious' rather than jealous

23) Would you rather love someone or be loved?
I'd rather have the two inherently linked.

24) What's under your bed right now?
I'm happy to say not much because I vacuumed under there after MONTHS.

25) Ever done anything illegal?

26) Ever dumped somebody?

27) How cool are you?
Cool enough to feel like a total DORK answering these ass questions.

28) Do you support abortion?
I support the choice to get one or not.

29) Do you believe in God?

30) Did you graduate high school?

31) Do you wear the same clothes two days in a row?
yes if I feel like it

32) Have you ever driven someone crazy?
no, uh, yes

33) Ever bullied someone?
hahah! I am the oldest sister/first child, so, clearly-yes.

34) Ever done the Macarena?
yes (sigh, just got flashbacks of several summer camps working in the Austrian Alps, macarana-ing in high-altitude diskotheques)

35) Do you act your age?
yes, altough I have never seen any sort of "Guidelines of How To Conduct Oneself at Age 35". Weird, this is question #35...

36) Is it okay to disrespect your parents?
no, and it's not ok for them to disrespect you

37) Do you flush the toilet when you're done?
"If it's yellow, let it mellow / if it's brown, flush it down". Water conservation benefits us all!

38) How long do you stay in the shower?
it totally depends on what I'm doing there

39) What kind of soap do you use?
I have an array, depending on skin moisture level, barometric pressure, etc. It's what keeps me doing #35.

40) Are mullets cool?

41) Spiderman, Batman, or Superman?
none; James Bond

42) Do you like your middle name?
I have the best one in the world

43) whats your favorite color?

44) Has anyone ever cheated on you?
I have had my suspicions

47) Favorite flower?

48) Have you ever shaved your head?

49) Do you think marijuana should be legal for medicinal use?

50) Do you think it is okay to drink and drive?

51) If you won $1 million dollars, what would you buy first?

52) Do you fear terrorism?
no, I tend not to fear concepts

54) What's your favorite candle scent?
mandarin orange around Christmastime

55) Do you use profanity?

56) Who's the last person you talked to on AIM?

57) What's something you're ashamed of?

58) What woke you up last night?
the humidity

59) What did you dream about last night?
Swimming and breasts; and that an old friend was twice as tall as me. WTF???

60) Ever been to the zoo?

61) How many beers did you have today?

62) What's the last movie watched?
"Der Junge Törless" and I'm currently viewing the dramatic 80's TV mini series "The Thorn Birds"

63) Are you usually late or on time?
a tad late

64) What's a cartoon you watch?
none, but as a kid I liked the Smurfs for the storylines

65) Do you have any imaginary friends?
not that I know of

66) Are you waiting on something right now?
yes, something to sell on Ebay.

68) Who's ugly?
GWB when he opens his mouth on TV

69) Are you worried about something?