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14 März 2007

Another edition of Aunty Meme

I'm back from NYC, it's super warm today*, I'm exhausted from travelling and can't think straight to work on writing so won't right now, AND...I've been MEMED! NYC was wonderful, very busy, very productive for non grad school things, very nice to get a breather from The Thesis Which Shall Not Be Named. Oh, and I saw Glenn Close on W. 81st between Columbus and Amsterdam Ave. and Heather Matarazzo waiting for the 6 train in Midtown, so I got some actress sightings in. I love seeing famous people, because it's like, hey that looks a lot like..wait, that IS so-and-so. Oh, he/she is a regular person, lookie there! OK, it's not like I've seen that many famous people, but I have seen several over the years. My new resolution is to approach these people next time, very cool-like, and simply ask, "I'm sorry, do you know what time it is? / OK, thanks." And then be on my way. Might even do a fake accent with that, who knows.

Alrighty. This goodie today comes to you from Zimmerhouse and before I forget: I meme the following right back: The Wendy Lady, Ginapalooza, Red Red Rine, Mommymatic, WF&D, Girls Run Wild and NOSE (I double dog dare especially you to respond to this):

Name five things you dig about feminism:

OK, wait, hang on, I feel the need to operationalize my terms here since I'm not even sure what I mean by 'feminism' here. OK, fuggetaboudit, I'll just jot five thingers down:

1) I don't need to be defined in terms of a male equivalent of what I am/do.

2) We've started to think about paying attention to men and their feelings--that it's ok to cry, express emotion, make mistakes, be nurtured/nurture, love who you love, no matter what your gender. (side note: OK but guys? As a woman, I dig it when you get old-fashioned-polite on me).

3) I can make out with/marry/snog/shag/divorce/lust after/despise/etc. whomever I want to.

4) I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Gloria Steinem for wowing me when I saw her speak a few years ago. Girl, you have it going ON.

5) Celebrating female bonding: Once when in the 'loo' at Heathrow airport, I stopped for a moment after washing my hands to take in the scene--I was in the midst of a gaggle of women, of varying degrees of hair color, hair style, head covering, skin color, skin adornment, clothing style, jewelry style, heights, weights, ages, figures and languages...and what struck me was that while there were probably language barriers between us and we'd never meet again anyway to actually speak to one another, we were all doing pretty much the same thing: looking in the mirror, checking our lipstick, adjusting a strap or cuff or sleeve or untucked item, fixing our hair, tweaking this, fixing that, changing a baby, washing our hands or brushing our teeth. I don't think this has as much to do with the notion of feminism as it does the safety and comfort of the female bond. (Girls of rival gang members excluded, natch.)

And, because I am an equal opportunity blogger, here are five things I don't care for about stereotypical hardcore feminism:

-1) Get over yourself.
-2) Not all men are...'The Man'
-3) I am a loyal fan of the WNBA, The L Word, hiking, my female friends, home repair, female singer/songwriters, and I'm currently single. My point? This does not make me gay.
-4) Being a stay-at-home mom is noble, not something you should call archaic.
-5) Women's Studies. What is it exactly that you DO?

OK, your memes and comments, please!;)

*global warming? what global warming?