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08 Juni 2005

Watch da buggy!

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Today's Most Interesting Pennsylvania TidBit is from Big Valley (out 322-W, Belleville, PA)...lookie there, buggy crossing! 'Twas market day today (every Wednesday rain or shine, year in, year out) out in the valley so I took my parents out for some breakfast (NOTE: the cafe above the livestock barn has the official worst coffee in the universe. But hey, I'm not going there for the java, I don't suppose the locals are either. Besides, there's too much other stuff to look at and for that matter, eat, like the loverly breakfast casserole I partook in) and fruits and such. Plenty of farmers, Amish or otherwise, and foodstuffs, hardware, tools, auction items, and of course piles of Just Junk.

Greets and eats from tomorrow to the nation's capitol. Please leave your requests any messages to the proper government authorities and/or movers and shakers in the COMMENT place below: Do it! God bless America! Git 'er done!