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23 Jänner 2006

"Psst, I LOVED IT!"

Two things today.

Firstly, hoo, things may get Most Interesting. Does the "W" have an ally Up North Yonder? This is my new Most Interesting Favorite Quote from Mr. Stephen Harper, Canadian PM-elect (Conservative Party), in response to candidates supposedly engaging in tactics aiming to sway voters away from opponents or something-er-other:

"Canadians can disagree, but it takes a lot to get Canadians to intensely hate something or hate somebody. And it usually involves hockey."

(sorry, I just had a moment where I envision MP's in Ottawa..."will the right honourable...GAME ON!!!" *thrashing of blades and high-sticking ensues*)

(come to think of it, I'm also seeing a 'Harper/Bush' calendar of famously 'secretly clever or just plain dumb?' quoteables. You heard it here first.)

(actually, wait, I've never known a Canadian to get mad. Is that even allowed there? If you are Canadian, please comment on this observation).

Secondly, on the home front, this Most Interesting headline today (and do a petite happy dance at how I have again figured out how to insert hyperlinks) on how "Bush Hesitates to Give Take on 'Brokeback'".

I don't care if Bush can't man up* and share his opinion on this film. But then again, I can see how any public figure might hesitate for fear that word might spread: (a) Didn't like it? Homophobe! (b) Liked it? Lefty whack job perv! I just like this headline today and think that it (omg I can't believe I'm saying this out loud) is BEYOND Bush and Really Most Lame that liking or disliking this film has to expose anyone's stance on same or different gender partnerships. Or that one feels one should be concerned with what people think about one's views ALL the time. Shya!

And in case you were wondering what I thought of the film, hark! I will tell ye (because don't I always? It's a captive audience...):

I hearted this film. It is a gorgeous production. It awakens the Western girl in me with its vistas and views, leather and saddles, roping and riding, dust and tumbleweed and wide open spaces where nature is the only force to reckon with, no matter how prepared you think you are.

(and in the case of our two protagonists, proves a mighty journey with some serious societal baggage indeed, which might leave you with a certain je-ne-sais-oh my gosh that is really very devasting).

Oh, and if you ever get a chance to relish in the short story by Annie Proulx, do. A piece that packs more punch than a whole feature film: now THAT'S luxuriating in the English language in a way that is just tasty.

"Git along, little dogies!"
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* cleary a sign of old and crankiness onset, as I'm using terms like 'man up'. Come on, just man up and do it. It's pretty insensitive, innit? Or maybe it depends?