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30 Juni 2006

a thought whilst I prepare to go up to watch the Germany vs. Argentina game...

...OK, so we know cigarette smoking is unhealthy. I don't know any adult who smokes who DOESN'T know this. Like have you ever heard anyone really believe somehting like "What, sucking butt? It's not as bad as they say...all lies, I tell you! In fact, it's adding years to my life!".

But people do it anyway, for whatever reasons and what have you. Therefore, it's a choice, no? An addictive choice for some perhaps, but a choice nonetheless. Don't like it? Don't do it. And then shaddap and don't go to places where you know secondhand smoke will be an issue. Like it? Go ahead.

My nagging question is, and I think this is the Most Interesting Thing I'll think of today--as smoking is slowly banned throughout locales in the US and Europe, ta-da: why the hell are CIGARETTE PRDUCTION AND SALES also not banned?

I'm sure Philip Morris and other companies have interests that have something to do with quandry, but it seems to me if you're gonna forbid something that has been proven to be detremental on numerous levels, why not outlaw it all the way, ergo by not even producing it?

That way it'll be regulated to seedy underground status like everything else that people aren't smoking...


Oh, and I had a dream that I was babysitting Angelina Jolie's babies and they were super cute and highly developed for their ages. She was there too, so we were like old pals or something. What can it all mean?