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19 September 2005

Luck of the Draw

I think you will enjoy Cartoonists Without Borders!

If that shakes the bush too vigorously, then recall, dear reader, that no day is complete without a fly-by of Peter Pan's Pixyland. Check him out to see what's the haps. Thank goodness the CD is out. Remember to switch the music option to 'on' and make sure your speakers or headphones are in good working order when you first get to the main page.

OK, are you back now after checking him out? Is he not whimsical? Delightful? Perhaps a bit, oh, I don't know, freakish? I mean, I want to thank this guy for encouraging me to live my dreams while at the same I feel like I should sew him some sort of outfit or bake him cookies as a way to express my gratitude for showing me possible side effects of just too much acid. I'm using my deductive reasoning skills from 9th grade geometry to posit that this guy is probably one of those types who doesn't remember his 20's.

But what does that matter, when he's provided me with minutes and minutes of timewasting fun? The thing is, I've listened to some of the jazz guitar tracks he has on the site and he's damn good. And he says he donates his proceeds to kids' charities. So, while he initally seems 'odd', if it really is him playing, I say go for it, that's what music is all about, getting it out there and enjoying and not giving a hooey what bloggers like me may say about you in this medium. And if he's lifted the guitar tracks and is buying crack with anything he earns, well, then, more power to him for harnessing the anonymity of the internet/s. Weiter so! He is a contribution to the online world, this one is.

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