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01 November 2005

It's hittin the fan!

For once, and you might find this Most Interesting: I am speechless. Meltdown in D.C., I love watching the neo-cons try and weasel their ways out of this quagmire.

Darn those pesky Dems for closing the full Senate session to put the muscle on carrying out investigations on alleged SNAFU-ed intelligence on the Iraq invasion. Screw you, Mr. Frist, what are you afraid of?

Not sure I'd actually want to hear the answer to that. I take it back. Instead, I will add that I now affectionately refer to anything involving Bush's followership as follows: 'clusterf***'.

Neo-cons, now is your time to PLEASE tell me one good thing about what is going on from your perspective. I have no issues with many Republicans (see: John McCain, Arlen Spector, I find them to be swell) but what the hell is up with continuing to suppport this president? I don't get it, and I'm offering a plea to try and understand. I won't bash you, I'm not about that. I just want to know because I'm so disillusioned by my own rantings of "when Clinton lied / no one died!" that I can't see the Bush for the burning fire of hell and brimstone.

I see nothing but malaise, baby, MALAISE, and the dark chapter of the first part of the 21st century known as "The I.B.K.* Years". You can say it's all based on all the politicians who have come before him, and I will somewhat agree with you but man, has he done a royal job of screwing himself. If you disagree I want to know why.

Well, okay so it's Karl Rove-anator** who is the Demon Master-of-Puppets, but that's another blog for another day.

Is it just me or is the whole thing becoming so comical that all I can do is laugh? Hmmm, maybe we'll at least get some good literature and film and art out of this whole thing from all the mounting rage and/or disillusion that everything is peachy-keen. That is, if creative muses are not completely standardized-tested away out of everyone's souls on the Education President's watch.

Thank goodness the White House has announced preparedness for the bird flu. Oh, sorry, what's that out in the distance? Howling? Cry wolf! Cry wolf!

*idiot boy-king.
**what I really want to know is: who does HE work for? Fret me!