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19 Dezember 2005

Jingle Jangle

Today's Most Interesting tid-bit is that I will be on Christmas and New Year's blogging hiatus unless the spirit moves me to find an internet connection and to blog.

And so, I herewith decree: Merry Christmas to all, and if you are celebrating Hannukah, have a nice one of those too, with your friends and family and unhectic times.

I'm currently in the in the Evergreen State, revelling in the chilly temps, blue skies and majestic moutain and water-scapes, familiar territory, relaxing with friends and family just because I (finally) can, noting that a break away from campus is really refreshing for re-charging those cereberal batteries, not having to rely on Charbucks or Seattle's Beast as being the most viable options for procuring a cup of brew that is tasty and strong enough to 'damn good', and staring at that pile of articles to read going, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya,'re always a DAAAAY a...waaay!"

That, and eating a whole lot of sweet things. I think I got the shakes from that chocolate cake thing last night.

And this just in: looks like I may be in a snowy cabin environment at an undisclosed location in a mountainous area of Washington State for New Year's Eve instead of heading up to Vancouver B.C. with my election inspection brigade and/or bar hopping crew, per my original sort-of plan. Good story, eh?

What are your holiday plans?