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23 August 2005

Cheers 'n Jeers, cont...

Cheers to today's meeting with awesome fellow TA's to totally map out the syllabus/weekly plans for our courses this semester. And this BEFORE the Eve of The First Day of Classes. Considering that things are going to be more than busy real soon-like, it is so super helpful to have at least this matter taken care of. Oh wait, now that that's done (well, after I actually type the revisions and post everything to the online course site so that no one can claim "Syllabus? Uh, I wasn't there when you handed them out...", and then they feel like knobs when I say "Um, I never handed them out, they have been online since before the semester started...", etc.) what EVER will I procrastinate with to evade facing my own Other Work Demons?

Jeers to not getting much exercise today besides the usual walk to and from campus.

Cheers to Seattle (WNBA) hoopstas clinching a playoff spot by waxing the floor with the opposing team (San Antonio, sucks to be them). Cheers to league-worst Charlotte finally getting a win, improving their record to 5-27. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and all that. I'm just happy for them, it's so girly, I know. Sue me, I am a girl. But day-yum, it's fun to root for the underdog, especially when oh by the way with the win they happened to also boot their opponent (Detroit) right on out of the super-tight playoff race. Doh! It's pretty much as nerve-wracking as PacTen football standings towards the end of the season. I love it! Ah, spectator sports: in the end it's only entertainment, but heck, it's fun.

Jeers to slow computers at work but cheers to the help desk for gettin on it.