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19 Juli 2005

Julia Roberts nominated as new Supreme Court Justice...!

OK, whatever. So it's John Roberts. Gawd I wish it were Julia, she could really mix it up up there. Since I have given up on the office of the president with the current adminiscraption, I was not surprised to see the headline on an online news source read "Bush nominates Roberts for Supreme Court", thinking, ok, so he's taken a step to reach out to the people by nominating an Academy Award winner.

But again, duped. Not only did I have to type extra loud and squint so as to avoid hearing and/or seeing That Fake Smirk Face and That Scripted Sound Bite Idiot Voice attached to You Know Who when I saw him make the announcement on tee-vee, but I also learned that federal appeals court judge JOHN Roberts was the actual nominee.

I'll endeavor to find something good in Yet Another Middle Class White Male on the court. I may be a while. And he's inexperienced. And one of 'them' (what I'm calling neo-cons, in response to 'them' using the word 'liberal' like it gives you hives or something). Ah, a new Justice prime for further partisan molding. What Most Interesting times we live in.

Just like right after Sept. 11th when Bush failed in every way to put into action his proported wish for freedom and resolve through tapping in to massive global support and rallying all Americans to join together to remain steadfast, instead pissing off many in the world including half of us his 'my way or the high way' nonsense, he again neglects another chance to do something for the greater good, namely foster his claims of bi-partisanship by chosing a moderate or say, someone with experience. But no, we get Roberts. Neat!

It's cause 'greater good' is not on his agenda. I think we all know that. But at least he should be a man and acknowledge that we've been on to his posse for quite some time. But then, even if we're on to him, the Supreme Court can override that and...oh it's all quite depressing. Thank god Jude Law recently publicly apologized for sleeping with his kid's nanny, thereby violating fidelity to his fiancee. See, that's shiny happy news and the only types of headlnes I can take seriously these days.

I know we're going to hell in a handbasket soon too because the voice-over of the reporter at Bush's announcement shared with us that Roberts is "Well liked in Washington...a great sports fan...and a funny guy".

Now that's what I'm lookning for in a Supreme Court Justice.

This is laughable.

What do you think Sandra Day O'Connor is thinking right now? Will the Senate confirm? Bring on the media frenzy! At this point we can still appeal to our Senators to not approve this nomination.

And if you support Roberts, John, not Julia in this case, please share why. Don't let my raging language deter you from sharing your opinion, I do value them (unless you are my Troll Blogger).

But if you are content with Bush's decision and think "why is she getting all worked up, it won't hurt her life, it's not like there's this THING out there coming to get us", I will shoot back with the same response to why the US is in Iraq. What, are we under fire? Is the 'man' coming to get us? Please. The 'man' is right here at home, let's turn inward. The courts are always a nice place to start...