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11 Mai 2006


No one updates his/her blog any more.

What is up with that? And yes I mean you. And unless your name is Mommymatic, or
NOSE, a.k.a. Supreme Providers of Exciting Regular Updates, I mean my other blog friends when I say 'you'.

It can't be that we don't have TIME because NO one has any extra of that. (Time, schmime, I don't feel like I've had 'time' for anything since about 1998, and I'm starting not to even care. But I do want to. Care, that is. Sort of).

Thus, I present to you today, My Most Interesting theory on this seeminly neglectful blog behavior: While we do not overtly aim to ignore our blog updates, our engagement in hypertextuality elsewhere (see Facebook: home of juvenile yet scintillating intercommunicationality) renders us overwhelmed at where to focus our attention.

Ergo, or, 'ca veux dire' as it were, we can put forth the Most Interesting research question: IS the novelty wearing off? Furthermore, have we as users made informed decisions as to how we envision our blogworldmania/ae? These issues and more can best be addressed via empirical data and rigorous online user behavior analyses*.

Alas, arise, Bloggers, and bring us into the next big post-modern and/or retro-futuristic THING.

Anxiously awaiting your sage comments I remain very truly your

*Am I good, or am I GOOD?