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19 Mai 2005

Since I've done it all it was hard for me to think of Ten Things but...

...naw, just kiddin'. There are still some things have not done in my 34 years.
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This list idea comes to you today from Dr. John, who passed it on to me from another blogger. Apparently it's going around. So, I'm gonna pass this list idea on to three of you today and you pass it on, and so on, and so on...

Now, I am not sure if this is simply a face value "ten things I have never done--BUT WOULD secretly LIKE to" so I'm simply jotting down "ten things I have never done--PERIOD". Whether you think they are things I long do actually do is your own deal, which you can LEAVE COMMENTS about!

You can even leave comments in German or Slovak, how's THAT for Most Interesting service? A friend of mine in Bratislava was mezmerized by my massive swath of cray-hay-zee talk English on here so perhaps some day you will see funny accents, who knows...OK, COMMENT!

10 Things I've Never Done

1. Performed in front of more than 200 people
2. Given Birth
3. Published a novel
4. Participated in a triathalon
5. Thrown pennies off the top of the Space Needle
6. Regretted taking risks
7. Been to Asia
8. Gone hungry
9. Colored my hair
10. Approved of Bush