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03 Dezember 2005

well, cheese-WHIZ!

I have to share a Most Interesting Pennsylvania tidbit: last night I had cheese fries for the first time in my life.

I know, you're thinking, "she has tried cuisiines the globe over, she's eaten weird stuff...what's the big deal?" The big deal is I have admitedly shied away from this commonplace Penna. snack item for fear that things with this much orange runny stuff...:
Image hosted by are not good for me to ingest regularly, or, like, EVER.

Or perhaps my hestiation stems from the fact that they are not an item I grew up seeing on menus or seeing anyone else eat, let alone SAY. An "East Coast Thing" if you will. Or, in my preferred fancy-schmance terms, not part of my cultural lexicon. Shouts out to socially constructed realities! Then again, maybe that time I heard that wonderful Report of What Velveeta Is Really Made Of inadvertently steered me from fake cheeese in general.

But, hark! Pennsylvanians and cheese fry fans: I stand enlightened. Cheese fries are darn tasty! Fresh, crispy, lightly salted frites and smooth, hot Cheese Whiz, what is not to love? Paired with a green salad, the potatoes might even count as a food group. No, no, I will NOT start to justify cheese fries as a new part of my diet, I will not start to justify....

So that's all for today. I bet all it will take is my first batch of Bad Cheesefries to steer me back. For now, back to work, etc. And hey, at least cheese fries are no poutine (photo small so you don't totally gross out, eh?):
Image hosted by

Talk about 'maple grief"! (The Daily Show, 2005, in reference to recent no-confidence vote in Canadian parliament, calling for January '06 elections...wait, you DO know what's going on in Canada, no?)

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