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18 Jänner 2006

Snivam, snivam...

OK, work with me, here, inspiration has struck and I'm blogging it:

Things I'd rather be doing than getting through this pile of reading:

SIDENOTE: I actually did have an 'ah-hah!' moment this afternoon while reading, which makes me feel LESS dumb.... OK, so in no particular order and, well, you get the idea that I can't concentrate (I think the "I've been Schranke-ed!" excuse is wearing off, though):

  • Playing the bass parts to "My Sharona" on stage at some drunken college bar, knowing that I have way more 'been there, done that" over my audience
  • reading some of my 'for fun' books to spark my mind
  • do more online mini-research on handmade ukeleles, since I'm pretty sure I'll invest in one whilst in Hawaii in May
  • lying in my cozy bed because it's so freaking cold outside
  • DJ-ing at a local radio station, hearing myself talk. 80's hits perhaps? Or ponderage?
  • laughing with kids
  • in Paris
  • in London
  • in a music studio bashing on a set of drums, learning to play. Either that or get a banjo...
  • watching my kitchen clean itself
  • sitting at a table in a darkish cozy cafe with a good red wine and some tasty tidbit, I don't really care what his name is, and maybe he's on break from the jazz set.
  • at the movies
  • Warm flannel sheets. And that's all I will say about that.

  • What are you daydeaming about? DO share, it'll be Most Interesting!