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31 März 2006

Spring arriving: priceless!

Having today's Harper/Fox/Bush, Jr. conference on the Fox network be the ONLY thing you had to look at and (try not to) listen to while being stuck in a dentist chair getting your annual teeth cleaning: TORTURE!

Sticking a spoon into a freshly-made espresso drink on the bar of your regular cafe, swirling things about, then placing the crema-covered spoon in your mouth, savoring the fine flavors--only to realize 5 seconds later that hmm, there's no chocolate in what you just tasted and hang on, that's NOT the mocha you ordered, and OMG you have just been enjoying someone ELSE'S freshly-made bevvie, thus contaminating it with your cooties? AWESOME!

Wanting to tell all the We All Look The Same But Don't Know It's A Cry For Help "undergraduate set" that baggy shorts, flipflops, popped collaz and baseball hats askew, plus often the optional Really Bad Goatee--or ass-short skirts, juicy coiture tops and and oversized shades with optional Super Bad Dye Job are flattering on MAYBE .005% of the population, to which most of them do not, nor will ever, belong? FLIPPIN' SWEET!

Coming home after reading, coffee-ing with various amigos, getting some shiatsu massage and chiropractic adjusments done, to realize that the desk and kitchen messes are not gonna clean themselves so it'd be better to lounge in bed and watch some trash TV* and maybe even sneak in a nap, and look the grading that needs done straight in the eye with a bold "nein!": DELICIOUS!

Wondering what fashion advice my blog readers would offer The Average Undergrad, now that I'm griping about their wardrobe choices? COMMENT!

*I realize that just like back in the day, I still don't entirely grasp the uber-intellectual slant of "Degrassi Junior High", or, as it is aired now for the 21st century: "Degrassi The New Generation", yet one thing remains: I am still oddly attracted; if I had pre-and teenagers, I'd rather have them watch this than other crap out there.
Good to see the show is still very teen, very Canadian, very Degrassi.