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08 Februar 2007

The J Crew shot, after-party

Firstly, rest in peace, Anna Nicole Smith.

Secondly: Hotsy-trotsy. A happenstance meeting of the blogger minds last night, featuring Malfeasance, Lisaopolis and Waves, Frets 'n Discs. Also starring chocolate chip cookies, milk, Tension Tamer tea, 100% beeswax candles made by nuns in Shelton, WA and of course, a teeeensy bit of gossip--I mean, catching up. If you know us, we probs trash talked you, and you KNOW that is a compliment!

In other news, in case you haven't heard the Most Interesting 'skinny' from Penna.: it's been nothing but daytime highs of, oh, say, SEVEN degrees Fahrenheit and windchill factors of minus a gajilliion daily. The thing is, this cold is combined with absolutely gorgeous, clear, sunny days. The kind where you want to stay all balled up in your cozy comfortable comforter in bed with the sun streaming in and....where is that person bringing the coffee, dammit! So get out there to work, and put on your pelt hats, girls and boys. Don't we look all ready to frolick 'n play, the Eskimo* way, walkin' in a winter freezerland?

Feeling pretty stressed out today. I know now why many people don't work with videotaped data--it's freaking bear to deal with, technicality-wise. Argh! Plus, I had a total lapse of idiocrity and ate a huge pile of FRIED food today for dinner. WTF? I know this makes me "T and C" (tired and cranky). But it's so unbelievably cold here that even despite my own special padding reserves, I was craving fat fat fat fat fat. And I don't mean olive oil good kind fat. I mean deep fryer madness. It is SATAN speaking to me, I tell you. Can I get an AMEN with those fries?

My excuse to myself was that I was going to try this new place in town. Yeah. So much variety here in The Borough. I believe the target audience of this place is 2AM drunk dialers with the munchies. Long story short, I chowed down, then had to immediately drink a green tea in order to provide myself with some sort of 'nutrition' shot. Followed by "WTF did I just eat that for?" This week has been weird. I feel like I have so many things to take care of, that I get none of them really done to where I know I will sleep better with having things out of the way. If that makes sense.

And now, post grease, I'm feeling pretty spaced out. But I'm waiting for my videotaped stuff to burn as a QuickTime file and it's got another FORTY minutes to go. Only eight more tapes to do. Shoot FIRE.

And I was going to watch tonight's ep of Grey's Anatomy, but this is the one with the disaster on the Washington State Ferries and...I grew up taking those ferries and well, can't watch this on TV.

Nighty-night! Do drop a comment. Don't be a lurker, go bazerker.

(*with apologies to my Eskimo readers)