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11 August 2006

oh oh Canada...

Since we're on a ship and all and paying by the milisecond for this internet connection, today's quick Simul-Blog from Ginapalooza and Lisaopolis will serve to illustrate our stellar photography skillz. Ah, pretty babies!

Greetings from Nova Scotia...just the Halifax, ma'am, just the Halifax. Halifaxually, it's a beautiful town there eh.

"It's the truth, it's actual, everything is Halifaxual, zippidee doo daah...."

Oh ya sure! The Canadian dollar is like almost one-to-one there now with the USD. Swell!

BELOW: Ginapalooza reacts to the new knowledge that New Brunswick, which we visited yesterday by way of a day in Saint John, is the only officially bilingual proverz in Canada. "Gosh, but what about Kay-Beck?" you may be asking yourselves. Nope, it's not bilangue, it's French. Geez.

BELOW: Here, living proof of our middle sister, "Anne of Green Gables and/or Halifax". By the way, I do believe that the storybook Anne of Green Gables wins the prize as "Most Famous Canadian Who Never -REALLY- Existed". Our Anne is pictured here with our dear grandmother who, yes, just turned NINETY (90) and walked over the Big 'Fax in better shape than I's to good genes, ladies!

MUST run, as Ginapalooza is no longer amused at waiting for these photos to (NOT) load and needs to hit the Blackjack table PRONTO.