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03 Oktober 2005

Class participation

It's German Reunification Day, don't forget to check out the headlines from news sources from around the world and catch the latest election drama! Those two items don't necessarily have anything to do with one another, although one could formulate an argument so make it so, but hey it's late and you should be reading my mind to know what I'm talking about!

Today's Most Interesting Headline, which I implore you to revel in, was a good crack-me-up in light of my rumenating over the mystery that IS (dunh dunh DUNH!):

class participation.

That's all I can say about this since for all I know my students Google blog me or whatever.

On a more general note, and why I find this article so damn funny is that everyone's been in a class where that is that ONE person who just won't shut the hell up (of course it's never me). So, enjoy!

OK, off to do work and not actually get done what I want and then wake up at 5 AM all stressed about it. Wheee!