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15 Dezember 2006


OK, please send all good vibes to the PacNorthwest, the region of the USA that I just heard Katie Couric on the CBS News call "...the top upper left hand of the country". So wait, is that what they call it on standardized tests these days?

Any PacNW Lisaopolis readers, if you could report in, that'd be swell!

Meanwhile, it's warm and balmy here in PA. But noo, there's no global warming problems, it's all a whacko lefty consipracy. NOT. I agree with Mr. Gore that it can be seen as an inconvenient truth, and I am in a quandry at the spending of gajillions on 'defense' when...Mother Earth is giving us signs of Her demise everywhere. Granted, this is a planet we live on, and planets shift and change. But this quickly? Discuss!