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27 August 2007

Snakey K's in the Heartland

Alas, the time has come when I must bid adieu to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to make way towards Washington State. Welcome to the Great Roadtrip Westward 2007. The U-Haul is loaded, the tire pressue has been checked, my travelling companion (code name "K") is here, we are well-fed and ready to get some sleep before heading off tomorrow at the crack of noon-ish.

We have four, NO, FIVE road rules established so far: you are kindly requested to post more in the comment section. We will do just about anything, so try us out. Within reason. Um, yeah.

RULE #1: no eating at chain-food establishments! (Starbucks excluded. As shareholders, we can make this rule up as we go)

RULE #2: each day, we must vote on and photograph the Most Interesting Thing of the Day and post our findings here on this blog!

RULE #3: drivers responsible for her own tickets!

RULE #4: locate a mechanical bull and "K" will ride for NINE SECONDS!

RULE #5: locate, browse and acquire 'unique items' at flea market or antique store, preferably near something...AMISH!

That's all for now. Tomorrow's goal is to (a) get out of bed and (b) hit I-80 West for a while. More later. We leave you with a few compelling photos:

Exhibit "A": the first U-Haul parking job of the day. "K" does not mess around.

Exhibit "B": "My hat is blue. My eyes are blue, my jacket is blue. My car is blue. But I am not blue" (lisaopolis, 2007)

Exhibit "C": "K's" home away from home--"Wait, I thought I called shotgun! This is so not what I meant... I'm supposed to ride in the, um, CAR":

Goodnight for now--we want to hear from you!