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22 September 2005

Three Wishes Granted

OK. I had the season premier of "ER" on tonight and as usual, that show starts off leading me to feel 'ok this time it's gonna be different...' and then gets more confusing and frantic than a really poorly written journal article purporting to change the world. Shudder!

Tomorrow is 'Premiere Night on NBC' and I have to say I will be very likely be watching* my girl Amy Grant on host her new show "Three Wishes". I'm prepared for cheese from everyone on the show but am expecting Ames to be keepin' it real and to convey her down-to-earth nature and for the love of peet hopefully at least one live song per episode to brighten someone's day. I salute her in her new showbiz opps and wish her the best; she'll be great at it. I mean, what's not to love about Amy Grant?! Talk about non-abrasive. I caught her on The Today Show this morning and was reminded that Katie Couric and Matt Lauer? Abrasive (maybe it's just 'talk a lot about nothing'). Amy Grant? Mellow yellow. Plus she's my favorite singer of all time and her music has been in my life for about 20 years now so, she has that going for her too.

The only thing is...and NBC, here is my three wishes request all rolled into one for your efficiency: WHEN will NBC stop saying any one of the following:

"...if you could GRANT three wishes.."
"Friday night we will GRANT three wishes..."
"All their hometown wishes, GRANTED".

I get it, I get it: NBC, you're clever! I'm wondering how much Amy's last name had to do with the hiring...or how excited the marketing execs were when they found out she got the job and they could share their 'I know, we'll link her last name as a verb with wishes and it will remain forever etched in target audiences' brains! That'll rope 'em in!"

TV with applied linguists is NEVER completely relaxing, dear readers.

OK, so enough of the word play business. Let's start the show and bring on the tear-jerker stories. I'm expecting more drama than Extreme Home Makeover or whatever that show is called where the whole village pulls together to build a new home for their most modest neighbors who have fallen on hard times. Red Red Rine, I suggest not watching this show whilst PMS-ing...(see RRR's blog for related entry on time of the month and television)

Isn't it more fun to talk about television shows rather than hurricanes and pending gas price hikes? Or how papers just don't write themselves (dammit...)?

Please comment below. Even Sunil the Stalker has shed the 'anonymous' moniker...

*because what better place for a gal to spend her Friday home, yee haw!