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06 Jänner 2006


OK, I just heard that the new slasher thriller "Hostel" is supposed to take place in ......SLOVAKIA! Awwwwyeah! Shouts out to Slovensko, a place of much endearment pre mna (pour moi). Uh oh, I suppose now I have to bite the bullet and go see this movie that I'd otherwise not be remotely interested in. Apparently there's lots of chopping and gore and fingers and such.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYou gotta just love the directness of the tagline on this German version poster: "Try not to barf" (OK, so 'puke' works too). This movie just looks NAST.

I like that the "European beauties" who lure the guys in for the alleged horrors are named Svetlana and Natalya (hi, that would be Russian). OK, so you will find 'Natalia' in Slovakia but note the spelling diff.

Maybe this Natalka and Svetka are not supposed to BE Slovak but just sort of generally exotic Central European mystery ladies with accents that make foreign men lose their scruples. I vant to take you to ze Hohstel dahling. You vill haff much pleashaaaa. Igor?? Bring ze chain saw!

Maybe the story just takes PLACE in Slovakia cause many people don't even know where it is. Hmm, I am going to have to consult with my Slovak friends on whether they received the memo about this film. OK, I'll try not to go too "but the geishas in 'Memoirs...' were not even Japanese" here.

Leave your comments if you have seen this flick:

UPDATE: mini-research on this film has revealed to me that the female leads are indeed Slovak and the flick was filmed in Prague. What, no real horror hostel in "Blava" to be found? So now I'm wondering why they set the scene in SK in the first place. But I bet the filming has to do with the better established Czech film industry. Anywhoo, I think "Bratislava" just still must have that out-of-the-way ring to it. I just hope there is not much negatory influence on tourism. Like in "Eurotrip" (there's the one scene that is supposed to be Bratislava but looks more like a Serbian suburb of some tattered city gone wrong and the Slav man there does not even sound Slovak. Shady!). Oh my gosh now I'm thinking about all the things I love about Bratislava (because there are plenty of things I don't, 'cause you know, every place where you become part of the economy and work force loses its glam at some point, but why focus on the negative?). OK, I don't want to go off on too many tangents.

As you were...!