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29 März 2006

it's the little things...

Today was a very full day of work and just a whole lot of other little things. So here are some snippets, for your end-of-March reading pleasure:

my Academic Next Step Which Shall Not Be Named meetings will very likely okay will be pushed back, bliss! and props to a tad more breathing space to get things thought out. Take-home message: I always thought 'push back' meant what other people understand as 'push up' and that 'push up' is what others conceive as 'push back'. I get now that 'push back' means 'to make later'. I always thought it was 'push up' as in 'push up the date [til later]'. Cause 'push back' to me means 'push back in time' as in 'earlier'. Makes sense to me. But apparently not everyone else. Perhaps I am operating under differing time metaphors. Whatevz. It's a miracle then that I even know how to read.

So there's that. Ok and also...

I won $9 today on a Pennsylvania Lottery ticket ("Benefits Older Pennsylvanians!") purchased at McClanahans. Take-home message: if a friend encourages you to get a lottery ticket, do it. And natch, view your profit in terms of your initial investment. I won $11 but had to pay $2 to get there. Math was never my strong point but I think that's a net gain of nine bucks, so that covers the dosh I dished out at the cafe today. So I didn't really gain anything, I just didn't lose. Which is always fine.

Speaking of which: scenario at the cafe today with a Most Interesting [a highest complement at Lisaopolis] Man I Talk to More Often Each Time [and if he's reading this blog should just ask me out--]

Man, Me: chit chat, this that, the other thing, yadda yadda...
Man: "hey, want a kiss? [offers one of the Hershey's Kisses he had on his table].
Me: "sure..." Both of us: [laugh awkwardly at the sheer WAYS that this could be MISINTERPRETED! can you just picture this scene?]. Seconds pass.
Man: "I bet guys say that to you all the time..."
Me: "well..." [nervous laughter/trying to be cool/blushing/dropping damn candy wrapper on ground accidentally albeit hopefully HOT way, ha...].

Take-home message: I've still got it, somewhere. I think. Which is nice to be reminded of once in a while of my universe of feeling like a grad student-teaching-reading-writing-researching-tool-not-a-sexy-creature-woman.

I went for a longer than usual nordic walken-schnacken this morning because it is starting to get nicer outside and because I felt like it. This meant that I had to change my morning routine slightly and not include changing and getting gussied up into my jeans and one of five shirts before going to teach, etc. In short, supporting my framework of 'you can always have two of the three but never all three' (here: walk, shower/change, get to work on time). So I sauntered up in my Sporty Spice Look, which at LEAST 87 people commented on. Take-home message: want people to talk about you? Wear a different 'genre' of clothing than they are used to seeing you in because apparently it's all fodder one needs. That, and do that extra hill, why not, you can do it.

I bought an Orangina today. Usually I never buy drinks like juice and pop because they're way expensive and for the massive amount of calories juice has versus what it gives you, I'd rather have an ice cream. That, or there's just crap in diet pop I don't want. But the take-home message: All that said, I HEART Orangina. And it does, and will always, remind me of France.

I got some good reading done, as in I think I even see how I can apply it to what I'm putting together. Slowly but surely. Take-home message: it's amazing what I can move ahead with once I apply myself. All I can do is recall years and years of elementary school progress reports which mostly read things like "Lisa is an excellent student but she doesn't apply herself..." So 'applied' linguistics is really the ultimate marathon. Sketch!

Season 3 of my 'show' is over (The L Word). Alas. So I'm now available Sunday nights at 10. A few cliffhangers I'd like answered NOW instead of having to wait a year going WTF? The two last girlfriends of my favorite character who died horribly have hooked up? Strangely Fascinating! Will they have a foundation for that one stable relationship on the damn show or will this be merely a mutual grieving phase? Dunh dunh DUNNHHH! Maybe I'm ready for Gray's Anatomy finally? I hear nothing but good things about that show...which apparently has plenty of hotties. OK, so now you know why I even watch TV. Take-home message: This too shall pass. But not before perusing message boards to get the skinny on season finale tidbits.

Facebook is the new crack. Actually, myspace dot com is the new facebook dot com is the new crack. I told a student that I had JUST discovered Facebook and she laughed in disbelief like I had just fallen off the turnip truck. Take-home message: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Waiting for your comments, especially from those of you who read and rarely comment and think I haven't figured out who you are: