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17 Juni 2005

okay, OK! I'm not blogging with as much regularity as usual, yikes;) I'm in Redmond, WA at the QFC Starbucks, enjoying paying by the minute for my TMobile Hot Spot now that I know I can hit Starbucks and log ON, I will try to get some funny photos up here soon! Meanwhile, I have to run and get some ground veal for this fab new recipe I'm going to try. Hmf, it's just not easy-peasy to get ground VEAL, what's up with that?

BTW, and you may not think that this is cool but it totally is to me: I just got out of Mills Music, the store where I got my first dreadnaught guitar after graduating college...I always try to stop in to re-visit local-yokel establishments. Anywho, I popped in yesterday to buy some strings for one of my Martin Guitars (made in Nazareth, PA, btw...) and the guys there told me that a Martin rep would be in today for a clinic/program. Long story short, the Martin that I keep at my parents' is now all spank, outfitted with new (free!) strings and a new saddle piece (parts and!) and plus a whole lotta Martin marketing stuff that the guy gave me. It's not only that the guy did everything without charging me. It's also that anytime I've been around instrument/guitar people, I'm reminded of what a good crowd it is. Them's good folk!

Must run. Look for pics soon of me flipping off the White House, a sisterly bike trip and such. In fact, I can't wait to post for you to see! I'd say I've been busy working but I've been to busy enjoying the PacNW for that so far...alas! Work will come soon.

Tootles for now.