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23 Oktober 2005

Live strong?

OK, sorry to give you such an early head's up on where I'll very likely be doing my Christmas shopping, e.g. at the one and only Archie McPhee's in the Ballard district of Seattle, but I just have to share their new bleak wristbands. Could these be any more fabulous? As a kind of tribute to how silly things are getting and/or a 'your momma' to all those poser wristbands out there. I think I'm gonna order my set right now.

Be sure to click on McPhee's main page and scroll down to take the "Nerd Test".

Cheers to PSU's 63-10 lacquering of Illi-noise. Which bowl game are we roadtripping to?

Jeers to WAZZU for dropping 'Yet Another One in the Last Minutes' to Cal. USC is next week, so like they even have a chance. Although that would redeem the whole season and qualify for game of the year on the Palouse. Actually, the team reminds me of the team I knew when -I- was in college, before they started to have consecutive winning seasons and we went to the Wieser Lock Copper Bowl my senior year and won the Apple Cup and it was like the Second Coming and we were the chosen people and all. It'll all come back around, kids, worry not. Who really cares anyways, the Apple Cup is the only one that truly matters and besides, let's face it, Cougs will still drink beer either in despair or celebration, no matter what.

And R.I.P, jazz legend Shirley Horn (1934-2005).