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24 Mai 2005

"Moege die Kraft mit dir sein....!"

"Natalie Portman, will I ever see those Princess Leia buns again?"
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I finally saw Return/Revenge/Death/Takeover of the Sith or whatever it was called. The similarities between Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader and Karl Rove doctoring George W. Bush are Striking! "You're either with us or you are our enemy!" Now THAT'S what I call simple to the point thinking. It's such a black 'n white world.

OK, so I admit to an utter thrill at the start of the film, taking me back to my childhood as I realized this is the last Star Wars I will ever see new, in the cinema.

The acting was so beyond lame, I think they must be purposely doing it, it makes it so much more campy. LOVED the hairdos. And Hayden Chrisitansen is all grown up now, delightful! Great to see some Episode IV prequel tidbits filled in, story-wise. I have a feeling, though, that Obi-wan will lose the wireless devices he has in Ep. III when he gets to Ep. IV and C3-PO will not be as...well, shiny.

Maybe it was the kid-sized popcorn kicking in or a lag in the storyline or Yet Another Fight Scene, but I almost fell asleep at one point in the movie as I was like "get to the part where he turns inoto VADER and gets all disfigured and gets the James Earl Jones voice already! And how is Pad-thai going to perish--will she see her babies?!!" After lots of shooting, fighting, smash em up, light sabers, some choice Yoda moments, and LOTS of LAVA, I finally got to see it. You know the designers had a hootenanny of a time doing "Vader Mask 2005".

I would have paid so much more if he had breathed "VERIZON, we work harder for you!"

Now I have to rent Return of the Jedi to remind myself how he unveils his melted self again, etc. But at least now it's so clear why Luke 'n Leia never got it on, I mean beyond what we get in ROTJ. Who in their right mind would shack up with someone who you share a Death Star father with?