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19 November 2005

now that's what i'm talkin' about

This is just precious:

WA govenor Gregoire (a Husky) handing over the trophy to Coach Doba (WAZZU). Come to think of it, I never even knew there was an actual Apple Cup; I always thought it was a magical mystery thing...which looks like what the shaggy guy in the background seems to be thinking...
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Glad that that Apple Cup is over so we can forget both teams' super sucky seasons. The Cougs wore old school away unis though (as in, what they wore when I was there, back in the day) so maybe I'll get lucky and they'll revert back full time. Speaking of uniforms, someone tell U of O that theirs look like stained highlighter (Ginapalooza, 2005) and that OSU's look like Halloween dork-ness.

Today I was a domestic goddess and cleaned windows, re-potted some plants, hung on the phone with Apple tech support for my damn (and I mean that in a loving way) iBook, cleaned out articles in my large, turquoise, PSU-salvage filing cabinet, did dishes, put away laundry, and other things I hate doing and my it's still doesnt' all feel tidy. Not because I wanted to, mind you, but because it had to get done, and heck, it was either that or read and/or get the rest of my classes planned for the remainder of the semester. I am sure I this is Most Interesting to you. And my own personal mental article organizing system is of a kind.

But it was a good backdrop to watch football to. Evil Michigan was up but then dumb old Ohio State won their game, putting the BigTen title at a tie...but Penn State (who by the way nailed it at Michigan State) is the one going to a BCS thing so...that's all that really counts. I miss the days of the Rose Bowl being the game that the BigTen and PacTen champs it's all this super-overly-complicated-so-people-can-talk-about-how-complicated-it-is confusing BCS commerical venture; whatever, someone's got to pay for this gajillion-dollar form of entertainment. I just miss the old traditions. I mean, officially it's the "Tree Top Apple Cup" but who the heck even notices? It's only ever and always will be two teams. GO COUGS!