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01 Februar 2006

Hey there, daddy-o...

On my way to campus today, I was snapped out of my "I'm really getting sick of grad school and many things that accompany it" funk-o-rama when, while waiting at a crossroads, I noted a very handsome man across the street carrying a small child, laughing and talking softly.

Hellooooooo! HOT?


I'm sorry, but a man with a child is just a beautiful sight to me*. Of course, just the man is fine too, especially with this guy. I guess the next step might be man with dog, but I really hate dog hair indoors so I'd have to find out about outdoor kennel options before taking any more mental time to consider the guy's hotness factor.

Harken ye, female and male perspectives, do you feel this way about seeing men or women you find attractive and then if they're also with a kid, the hot-to-trot-ness rises?

Gosh, does this really mean I'm attracted primarily to people I can't pursue? Oh, but what if it wasn't his child and he's hip 'n single? What if he's widowed? No, I didn't put any thought into this during the 2.4 minutes of my observations.

Comments, please!

[*Caveat: fear not, if you are a man I either (a) already know personally with a kid; (b) are a man with a kid and whose better half I also know; or (c) are a single man with a kid but I'm just not feelin' the va-voom, then you are not included in this category. I think that's a good thing; otherwise, my totally creepy factor would emerge and that's just not something that should happen! ;)]