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01 Juni 2005

One, Two, Thray...

...marvel as I practice the Baltimore* accent!

How did it get to be June 1st already?? I am prepping to head down to Balto for the Albert Family Reunion this weekend and to peruse Chesapeake Bay until further notice. I've been running around getting last minute stuff out of the way, which has left me too popped to turn my attention to burning work issues. Burnout, anyone? I've got it. So help me. So I just think I will table them for the moment. Tough nuggets.

And my washing machine downstairs is 'out of order' until further notice, which is seriously cramping my style. My landlord suggested I "make other arrangements", which I interpreted as "you're screwed, leave the dirty laundry on the floor...".

I can't decide if I am going out tonight or if I will just enjoy the last few minutes of quiet before the next few days of visiting and catching up. I had a super dreamy massage today finally and topped that with a dramatically healthy dinner; as a result I am too content to move more than absolutely necessary. Nerdily enough, I am enjoying looking at my clean living room. I hate leaving and then coming home to a dirty apartment, it's much more fun to arrive back to 'wow, who the hell lives HERE?'

Will report more as I engage in Operation Crab Cake.

*also say with Baltimore accent, natch.