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03 Juli 2006

A Big Blue Spaaaace!

OK, between the very fun Canada Day shindig I attended on July 1 and the BBQ I'm going to tomorrow for the Fourth, and considering the massive humidity going on here, not to mention nailbiting World Cup matches practically daily at Pickle's Tap Room, it's been hard to get a lot done. But I'm slowly having a go at it.

On a nutritional front, I'm happy to report I have not been regularly Nordic Walking for a good three weeks here, and for dinner tonight I had a two hot dogs, popcorn, and then neopolitan ice cream. And this was at HOME, not even at a ballpark. This has got to change, and fast.

So in the process of putzing around today and getting things done and whatnot, I have thought of this Most Interesting (capitalized because this is Pennsylvania's Most Interesting Blog, dear Annne-acle) Thought:

WHATEVER happened to that favorite kids' show of mine, "Big Blue Marble"? This is really old school, and if you were born after about 1972 or '73 it might not have been on your childhood lexicon of televisionic studies radar. But it was an awesome creative show which sparked my curiosity into the global village; they had segments on kids from all over the world and you could even sign up to get this thing called a 'pen pal'. Woah. For some reason I distinctly recall one boy from some locale in South America or something talking about how he rang the bells at his local cathederal, cautioning that it was a hard job "...because if you mess up, everyone in the whole village will hear you".

And I can't quite remember all of the melody of the theme song but here are the lyrics:

The earth's a Big Blue Marble
When you see it from out there
The sun and moon declare
Our beauty's very rare
Folks are folks and kids are kids
We share a common name
We speak a different way
But work and play the same

We sing pretty much alike
Enjoy spring pretty much alike
Peace and love we all understand
And laughter, we use the very same brand
Our differences, our problems
From out there there's not much trace
Our friendships they can place
While looking at the face
Of the Big Blue Marble in space

Do you remember that last line? "A big blue marble. In. SPAAAAACE...!"

Find me more poignant lyrics for a kids' show of today and I'll make you some brownies and claim defeat. OK, granted, this was the era of the Space Race with the Soviet Union and all but still, get me the kleenex, will ya?

And recall Schoolhouse Rock, the Electric Company, Free To Be You And Me. It's no wonder our generation rules and many of us are frustrated and cynical at How Things Are Today.

Here's my plea for the day: if you or anyone you know can rustle up an mp3 of this theme song I'd be eternally grateful and shower you with whatever treats you like. Merci!

UPDATE: Thank you, Anonymous, for the mp3 of the theme song, which you can get to by clicking this here linky-mc-links-a-lot. or by cutting/pasting the link from my comment box. The tune is as I remember, although now I appreciate the I-just-learned-how-to-play-bass-and-now-I'm-practicing-with-the-jazz-choir-after-school funkomatic bass line! Reveal yourself for treats!; Mercy buckets!