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03 April 2006

April, you fool...

OK, so I could post that I'm pregnant and/or had sex 87 times yesterday, that I am done with Next Step of PhD Which Shall Remain Nameless, that I played a show this weekend at that one bar, or that I won ten bucks this time in the Penna lottery, and/or got an autographed advance copy of the new Dixie Chicks CD, but I'll spare you the paltry April Fools pittance. It's just been a weekend of catching up on all the things one never gets to during the week. Kitchen and desk still not 'company CAN come over' clean but...yeah. Oh crap, I forgot to do my tax return. Yay, I already have plans for next weekend, then!

Incidentally and by-the-by, I just did a super fast autopsychoanalysis and my results strongly suggest that those things I listed above that I didn't do? are things that I want to but am not. Most Subliminal!

Click on the Phaily Phollegian for some sh*ts 'n giggles and April Fools Fun. A Most Interesting Local take on 'The Onion', if you will, and spoof (or IS it...?) on the local campus student run fish wrapper, The Daily Collegian. My sub-heading for the Collegian would be "The Collegian: Almost Like Reading Nothing At All". So I appreciate the Phaily Pholo because at least it's freaking hillare. I mean, ANYONE can appreciate them turning Grace Lutheran Church into a place of worship made of orange Dorito--I'm sorry, that's just plain clever. Most Interesting Local Tidbit: here in "the S.C.", Grace Luthie is refered to as "The Dorito" due to its stunning 70's tan sandstone-ness jutting triangularly into the borough sky. And speaking of Lutherans, Go Lutheran Ladies and the Lutheran Book of Worship Hymnal!

April Fools me and actually post comments, please, you'll make my daaaaay!:) Yes, I know the posting date says April 3. It's part of the joke, if that makes you feel better. Look, it's also Daylight Savings Time and maybe I moved my clock forward. WAY forward.